10 Best Modern Artistic Dining Room Designs

How to display modern style which became a trend in the dining room. We should know the basics of defining the modern space design. Modern dining room design to show lines of simplicity, clean, artistic and subtle sophistication. How to display the rooms design that looks fresh and sleek. See photos of the dining room here, with characteristic modern style are sophisticated and artistic.

black and white modern dining room

The characteristics of modern style dining room, seen from the color scheme and also used furniture. Color scheme of black and white modern style dining room that is sexy. Chairs and tables into the main one for modern style. Strong lines for a modern style dining room floor. Designer by Jonathon B. Myers, Inc.

The bubble lamps pyramid

Modern design dining room that looks glamorous and metro, perfect for the dining room design luxury apartments. First look at the bubble lamps pyramid. By Michele Safra

sophisticated lighting dining room

A first glance at the sight of this modern style dining room, starburst mirror which have a strong appeal. The dining room was draped in gray accent wall. The dominance of modern artistic color silver appeared coupled with sophisticated lighting. Stunning Pendant light and the bright ceiling vauled. By Peterssen/Keller Architecture, Paul Crosby Architectural Photography

Sleek and Fresh dining room design

If seen this dining room design looks mediocre, but the definition of a modern look of this dining room look complete, highly sophisticated design. One by one : arched ceiling, modern table, window treatment. The trio became the main feature of this stylish modern dining room, sleek and fresh. By Lizette Marie Interior Design, Photo Credit: David Duncan Livingston.

Neutral Dining room

The color scheme is very simple, neutral colors, natural rug and natural shades. The modern style is a glass dining room table and the sophisticated window treatments. The most striking might also from the graphic wallpaper on the walls.

Casual Dining

Shades of Grey dining room

orange dining chairs

modern Hacienda White dining room

Veranda modern dining room hotel

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