10 Best Pretty Home Office Decorating

Inspiring to deorative home office by knowing how to create a pretty home office. Some idea to create a pretty home office like wallpaper decorating, proper the chair in the home office and the most important is color scheme in your home office plan decorating. Do you like beautiful color (purple, yellow, pink)? here are the best pretty home office decorating, let’s see

Modern floral home office

This pretty home office combines colours and patterns to create an exciting space. Floral wallpaper, carved bone desk handles and chic black storage add a glamorous touch.

Polka dot and floral wallpaper home office

Decorative home office like create harmony and inspiration in your home office with opposing patterns that work together. Team a modern polka dot with a lavish floral by using a similar neutral base colour.

Feminine home office

Furniture is kept simple in this all-white home office, whilst colourful accessories lift the scheme. Looked the feel stylish and feminine home office.

Vibrant home office

Take it to the max with a cocktail of orange, fuchsia and sky blue for a bright and motivating work space in your home office. Blue lampshade, wood chair, and orange desk be a concept for this home office.

Statement home office

A unique desk, bright red armchairs and distinctive wall art creates a stunning look in this home office. Keeping the palette limited to dark wood desk, black and grey striped carpet, with only shots of red velvet chair, stops the scheme from becoming too busy.

Striking home office storage

All-over grey can be cool and restful, but a home office space also needs to offer moments of inspiration. Here, hot orange accents like the desk lamp and the paint inside the open shelving, are used to spice up the scheme. The shelves are great for storing away books and housing files for papers and documents. Quirky accessories like the book-ends, complete the look.

White home office

An all-white scheme works perfectly in this small home office, opening up the space and keeping it light. Placing the desk by the window is a clever way to make the most of the natural light.

Smart home office decorating

Streamlined shapes and matching files and folders keep this office scheme sleek whilst a mix of walnut and navy constrasted with brillaint white create a calm feel.

Colorful home office storage

Colour blocking is a great way to create visual impact with standard high-street box files. Dymo tape labelling systems lend a neat and tidy retro edge to your filing (especially if your handwriting isn’t up to scratch).

Home office with chalkboard wall

To make a statement in your home office and to get super-organised, paint a calendar on the wall above the desk with chalkboard paint. Use black and white chalkboard paint to mix different tones of grey to create an eye-catching effect that’s easier to amend from month to month.

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