Professional Development Art Workshops in Córdoba by Lucio Morini

Construction in School by Lucio Morini is a very professional development. Architecture of this building is very luxurious as a hotel, but this city-owned buildings IECSA Art Workshop SA – SA-UTE Electroingeniería. It’s like an architect Morini school conducted in 2007 in Cordoba, Argentina.
This program is the culmination of the schools in the City of Arts and presented the challenge of making the buildings on the budget that has a significant presence and strong personality. The first challenge is to achieve a building that looked separately, but which in turn has a significant presence in the unity of the entire City of Art. Typological ideas formed by two overlapping L, one of which contains a space for public use, and is located on the ground floor is the studio itself, which allows students to see that artist’s work.

Construction in School by Lucio Morini GGMPU

Interior Arts Workshops by Lucio Morini GGMPU

Workshops Garden by Lucio Morini GGMPU

Visual arts schools by Lucio Morini GGMPU

Best Workshops by Lucio Morini GGMPU

Art school classes by Lucio Morini GGMPU
Professional development workshops by Lucio Morini GGMPU

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