Concrete Garden Benches: What Makes Them Great Outdoor Furniture

A bench is all that is needed to transform your garden into a place for relaxation, where you can commune with nature. Whether you add other decorative elements, such as a fountain, bird feeder, or gnomes, is entirely up to you. While a wooden bench is chosen for its elegance and traditional appeal, its inability to withstand the harsh elements over a long period is the reason that people have it replaced with concrete garden benches. If you are still contemplating on having one built, the following reasons might convince you of giving them a go:Concrete Garden Benches

  • It would be years before concrete would show signs of wear and tear. Even you live in a place where the weather extremes is either too dry or too wet, concrete would be able to hold up on its own. This is probably because the material won’t warp when it gets wet and is weatherproof. Consequently, whatever you spent on its construction, you will be able to recoup even before it will get damaged.Concrete Garden Benches
  • They can be designed to take any shape or form. Want concrete garden benches that form waves? This can be made possible through the use of molds. With endless possibilities in creating a mold, you can practically choose any shape you want regardless if it is bordering on bizarre.Concrete Garden Benches
  • You get to choose any color you like. It is easier to paint on concrete surfaces, especially if they are finished smoothly. With nature as a backdrop, you have the option to use as many shades when painting on concrete, provided that they complement the garden.
  • They can be built to any dimensions. If the garden has a limited space, you won’t have a problem adding seating when you used a concrete bench. After all, the material can be downsized or extended, depending on the span and layout of the garden. If it is rectangular in shape, for instance, you can opt for an L-shaped mold or simply use one end for seating.Concrete Garden Benches

Moreover, concrete garden benches have a more natural look compared to steel or wrought iron. They do mimic the look of natural stone, after all. If a part of the garden is also paved with stone, the benches will easily blend with the surroundings. In terms of comfort, simply add cushions and padding on the seat. Because these accessories can be customized as well, adding comfort on a uniquely shaped concrete bench won’t be a problem.

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