Cool Blue Bedroom Color Schemes from IKEA Kids Room

Make the kids room design more comfortable. Not just for sleeping but of course to playing. Look at the IKEA kids room with blue color schemes. The color blue is one of the cool colors have a calming effect on the mind. It seems to use a cool blue color in children’s bedrooms.

Playroom or Bedroom?

Various shades of blue and green are the most preferred colors for the bedroom. This is because they have a soothing effect on our mind. Another color that has a similar comforting impact on your mind is taupe.

Tip’s : Overusing the cool colors can also have a negative impact on the mind by making the environment gloomy and depressing.

Safe kids bedroom

Create a safe and fun room where children can sleep, play and develop with toys, easy storage, and beds that grow with your child.

The colors to be avoided on the bedroom walls are red, lime and black. Black makes the room look less spacious and gives a depressing mood. Whereas red color gives too much of excitement and restlessness which is not suitable for the bedroom.

So if you’re looking for calm and peace, a blue bedroom is for your children.

[via IKEA]

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