Cube Lamp Style of Julian Robin French Designer

Cube lamp with leaf carving style of French designer. Beautiful lentern like moonlar light in indoor room

Cube lamp

Cube Lamp Description

Give the impression of elegant simplicity and light. Gold looks bright, beautiful Cube lamp that can decorate the room with lots of wood furniture. Lighting design Cube lamp is smart and creative, looking like a carved block of wood directly from trees, but the flick of a switch revealing the nature of the cavity Cube lamp.

Cube lamp

Cube lamp

Fixture Cube Lamp:

Julian’s clever lighting design style Julian Robin like a cube of solid wood, carved into the ground. When Cube Lamp lights, wood diffuses a warm light and reveal the essence of the original wood foliage. This is a fixture in contrast, combines wood and stainless steel, is also opposed by the appearance on state and off state.

Cube Lamp is a unique product, wood grains, colors to distinguish them from each other all

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