Decorating Ideas Beaded Curtains

Decorating Ideas: Beaded Curtains

When I think of beaded curtains, I, almost, immediately get the idea of movies that flashback to the seventies with the flared jeans and “Peace and Love” signs.

Beaded curtains can be in the form of glass beads, wooden beads or even synthetic fibers or even with bamboos.

Beaded curtains make for a nice touch in your home since they are different from your usual curtains that are made with fabrics; moreover, they actually a fun way to create separations from one room to another.

Decorating Ideas: Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains are a great way to décor ate your house, I do prefer the glass beads that reflect light; I find it mesmerizing.  Don’t you?

Personal experience talking; never ever let your dog near your beaded curtains; ESPECIALLY when you are not there!!!

I had a pair of beaded curtains and my dog, Saphira, in a moment of manic rage; destroyed it. My heart still bleeds up till now.

Imagine how hippie you would look with a beaded curtain in your kitchen or even leading the way to your living room.  However, beaded curtains are also elegant and sophisticated; it creates an illusion of mystery and you are kind of expecting what is behind the curtain.

I read online that you could make a beaded curtain; not really beaded but straw curtains with your children and that seems extremely cool to try.

It is simple in fact; all you would need is lots and lots of straws and thread and probably a pipe.  In fact, doing a beaded or straw curtain with your children can be a great way to do some family bonding activity. Decorating Ideas: Beaded Curtains

However, you can also do your own beaded curtains by yourself, you can check some DIY websites to know more about how to do and the materials you need to do so.

Decorating Ideas: Beaded Curtains I really like beaded curtains with their out of the norm style; I think it fits perfectly for us all who are wanting to show off our homes or our rooms.  It doesn’t matter what kind of beaded curtains you have; as long as it creates a specific effect you know you are going to be a top designer: D

So have fun, choosing your own beaded curtains or being the handyman and doing it yourself.  I am sure you will enjoy looking at the final result and sighing with joy about having achieved the perfect beaded curtain ever.

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