Ideas for Choosing Ceiling Moldings Design

Molding is an age-old way to decorate walls and ceilings. Molding is probably the most original decoration to spice up the ceilings. They can be used for classic or modern interior. Ceiling moldings add decorative design in the joint between your wall and ceiling. Ceiling molding has both decorative and practical purpose because it can cover imperfections and also add strong statement to any room. As there are many ideas available for ceiling moldings, determine the one that fits your room and then select a pattern from the designs available.

Simple ceiling moldings

ceiling molding Even it is a simple ceiling molding but still can stand as beautiful decoration for any room. Simple ceiling molding has both practical and decorative function, even its decorative side is not strong as decorative moldings, but this is still a good idea for ceiling moldings. This type of molding will work best when it contrasted with fully decorative wallpapers or decals.

Crown ceiling moldings

ceiling moulding Crown molding is one of the most popular types of ceiling molding. Crown molding is ornamental style on the wall to ceiling. It comes in many varieties of materials to fit every budget and can be customized with trim in your room.
ceiling moldings

Decorative ceiling molding

ceiling molding
Decorative ceiling molding comes in many shapes and sizes. It has both practical and decorative function to your room. The shape is unique like carved leaves, fruit, flowers and beautiful shaped-wood design. Decorative ceiling molding can also be made of plaster, although the plaster is usually not as resilient as wood. To match the decorative concept, you have to think the right lighting for the ceiling moldings. You can put chandelier, or install cove lighting to your ceiling. It depends on how the decoration of your room.

ceiling moldingThis ceiling molding is in shape of carved-flowers. This ceiling looks even more elegant with the luxurious chandelier as the lighting option.
ceiling molding This ceiling molding looks so elegant and luxurious. The carved-flower molding is painted to match the room’s wall decor. This ceiling type is just incredibly beautiful, because it can stand as the decoration for the room and also as the part of your house improvement work.

You can dress your room up with right ceiling molding styles. Whether you have traditional or luxurious house, ceiling molding will help you to make bold statement of your house decor. Shopping now » [amazon_link id=”B00630D274″ target=”_blank” ]Lancrest-Crown Molding – 4″[/amazon_link]

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