Kids Bed Crowns Decorating Ideas

Creating a bedroom into graceful/regal and romantic retreat by adding an elegant bed crown, from crowns with ornate detail to those with colorful and playful designs for kids, these stylish accessories are an ideal embellishment for chic spaces.

Create the Look of a Beautiful Canopy Bed

Create the look of a canopy bed while using the frame of a twin-sized, girls’ daybed. The canopy bed dressed up a pine cornice with white paint, trim and moldings for a more custom-made and feminine look. White fabric to the back side of the box and attached it to the wall. The result is a crisp addition to the pink walls and a soft, dramatic touch.

Elegant Neutrality Bed Crowns

This monochrome scheme, cream bedroom takes adult elegance to a whole new level. Designer Brooke Giannetti wanted to add a touch of drama to the tone-on-tone cream palette through the bed crown without leaving the overall color scheme. Large tassel tiebacks and a pretty rope trim add beautiful detailing.

Flower-Box Crowns

A forest-green bed crown is the perfect addition to this pastel-pink girls’ bedroom.

Tip: To hide a seam and cover any flaws, use fabric ribbon or bows as a colorful (and functional) adornment.

Princess Bed Crown

If the sleeping princess, no princess is complete without her crown. A charming daybed boasts an eye-catching gold bed crown with cream-colored fabric, a striking complement to striped pink walls.

Youthful Elegance

This classic and timeless bedroom was made for little girls but decorated with mature, adult style. Antique furnishings and a cream and lavender color scheme keep the space smooth and neutral but with plenty of femininity for growing girls. The simple bed crowns envelop the headboards in soft, sheer fabric for an innocent and girly touch.

Pretty in Pink

Even a simple fabric bed crown can transform a little girls’ bedroom. Shoshana Gosselin covered a cornice board in white cotton fabric, complete with pink welting. She added floral and butterfly draperies with royal blue ribbon tiebacks to match the playful design of the bedroom.

Sweet Greens

Pink and green hues are an eye-catching color duo and add to the whimsical feel of this girls’ bedroom. Green fabric for the elegant bed crown, creating a bold focal point for the space.

Victorian Crown Canopy Effect

A colorful and flowing fabric bed crown adds another playful element to this whimsical bedroom. The idea of using a crown canopy effect over her daybed, which draws your eyes up to the detail around the crown molding. It gives the space a focal point when you walk into the room and creates drama.

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