Outdoor Hammock Swings by Erik Nyberg and Strom Gustav

This is not wood hammock stands, only hammock stands which was designed by two designers from Sweden, Erik Nyberg and Strom Gustav. But the design Wave hammock is very stylish hammocks, perfect for relaxing time outdoors. Wave hammock is a modern outdoor furniture that is not hung between two trees, but it depends on one leg that looks about to fall, with semi-transparent canopy that is designed to block 86% sun.
The Wave hammock constructed of materials strong enough to withstand the weight of people and weather conditions. It is made from electro-polished stainless steel and two kinds of cavities, one for the roof top and one for sitting area. Come in sizes 300cm x 365cm x 255cm, with hammocks Wave has a removable cushion in foam / fabric. The best thing is that it can rotate 90? around the base, providing additional flexibility depending on the position of the sun.
This hammock modern Wave was able to create the impression of floating unique with being played at a single point at the base. It is designed to give you a sense of lying under a canopy of trees, while the space covered by a soft nature. This hammock is available in various colors. There are white, cappuccino, black or turquoise with two basic options that allow for integration on the terrace or embedment into the ground.
Wave Hammock

Stylish design hammock

Relaxing time outdoors

Modern Outdoor Hammock

Hammock Swings by Botany

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