Pink Bedroom Design Ideas for Teenage Girls

How to design a bedroom for teenage girl are still pretty functional. In contrast to the girls room, teen girls room there must workspace, bookshelves and cabinets system designed specifically for teenage girls. Trends in teenage girls room theme color should be pink. Walls, carpets, beds, cabinets pink. Do you like pink? Take a look at some photos of teenage girls themed rooms pink.

Small Bed Teen Girl

This master bedroom is reflective of a love for florals and relaxation.

For any girl, color plays an important part in her life and personality. So, another one of the classic girls bedroom decorating ideas is to use her favorite color and create a bedroom style that will be as unique as her. But instead of using just her favorite color, select another color that complements that color. Rather than simply painting your walls a solid color, consider painting stripes, polka dots or clouds or use stencils to create a decorative border along the ceiling. You could also paint a mural on one of your walls. Match curtains, bedding and accessories to these color choices. Girly means cozy and glamorous, as well as feminine. Create a private reading nook by taking a corner section of the room and hanging a soft fantasy bower over the area. A white shag carpet and lots of cushy pillows completes the special spot.

Pink Wall Decoration

Pink Art Wall

Pink Acessories

Pink or Brown

Pink Curtain and Wall Art

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  • Daniel says:

    Don’t forget that there are also wall decals you can use to spruce up the wall. Just another option for the imaginative teenagers out there.

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