Showcase Your Accessories with Floating Shelves

How to showcase your favorite accessories use the floating shelves, tips and inspiring ways to incorporate floating shelves into your design. Floating shelves can help you easily revamp your walls art.

Wall Climbers Bookshelves

Simple built-in bookshelves with floating shelves that rise up along the wall. The crisp, white shelves pop against a dark, neutral wall color. Design by John Gidding

Looks The Asymmetrical Focus

Your accessories are placed in floating shelves for make the modern living room, by creating an asymmetrical arrangement of your fireplace, television, shelves and cabinets. The cabinets can be used to store unsightly electronics, leaving the floating shelves and mantel open for displaying accessories.

Fresh Paint Color with Floating Shelves

A light and fresh paint color really makes dark wood floating shelves pop. The asymmetry of the shelf display emits a fun and effortless feeling within the room. Design by Alicia Friedmann [link]

Beautified Bathroom with Floating Shelves

Storage in a small bathroom can be beautified by adding wall shelves. These white floating shelves make the space appear much larger and offer an attractive way to display bathroom accessories.

Kitchen Floating Shelves

Make your kitchen feel more open and airy by substituting traditional closed cabinets with narrow floating shelves. The openness of these shelves helps to create a feeling of added space while making everything more accessible.

Overhead Display Accessories

Maximize your space by adding a pair of floating shelves above the sofa. The additional surfaces provide room for displaying artwork and other mood objects, such as candles or plants. Design by Trish Beaudet [link]

Making the Corner bathroom more useful

Utilize all of your available bathroom space by adding floating shelves next to the vanity. They’re easy to install, and their open nature makes the space feel immediately larger.

Accessory Shelves

By using the same wood tones that appear in nearby case goods, the floating shelves become unified additions within the space. Design by David Scott [link]

Flanking the Fireplace

Nature takes a front seat in this living room. The pairing of floating wooden shelves next to the white trimmed fireplace and cream walls creates a beautiful palette in which plants and flowers can thrive. The floral rug and wicker chair add to the sunny disposition of the room.

Brown Pattern

A contemporary tile pattern is accented nicely with simple wooden floating shelves next to the vanity. Keep the shelves relatively neat by displaying only a few accessories. This will add warmth and interest without overpowering the strong background. Design by Vanessa DeLeon [link]
A Floating Selves can be placed in all rooms, such as pictures of decorations above, thanks to Carol Schoenfeld inspire and provide solutions for decoration floating selves

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